Wildboyz: The Complete 2nd Season
Wildboyz second season low res
Cover of the DVD.
Key information

Main Content

Wildboyz Season 2


26 April 2005



No. of discs



Full Frame


Dolby Digital, Stereo

Running time

174 minutes

Age rating 15rating
Bonus Content


Steve-O, Chris Pontius Johnny Knoxville, Wee man and show creators.

Other features

Making of, deleted scenes, bite list, photo gallery





Amazon 4rate

This DVD contains all the episodes from the second season of Wildboyz. Although the disclaimer said that some episodes may be slightly different from their original network versions.

The DVD came as a mini-box set. With each disc packaged in it's own case.[1]

Reverse BlurbEdit

Join the intrepid world travelers Chris Pontius and Steve-O in the second season of Wildboyz, as they continue to defy all common sense with their ridiculous—and occasionally grudging—quest to see who can get bit, stung, and pinched the most by the animal kingdom at large. Highlights from their explorations of East Africa, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Australia include “Hindu Foot Lick”, “Samburu Blood Fest”, “Rock Snake Tattoo”, “Coconut Crab A**-Pinch”, “Komodo Dragons”, and the “Glove of Ants”. Season Two includes special guest appearances by former Jackass cohorts: Johnny Knoxville and Wee Man and predatory-animal expert Many Puig. Like a fresh cup of cow blood in the morning, or the relentless wrestling moves of a sloth bear, it’s the show that keeps coming back for more - Wildboyz: The Complete Second Season

–Reverse of DVD

Special FeaturesEdit

There are many special features included on this DVD.


  • Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Johnny Knoxville, Wee man and show creators

Other FeaturesEdit

  • Over 1 hour extra footage
  • Making of Wildboyz
  • Wildboyz encyclopedia and bite list
  • Bloopers and outtakes
  • Un-bleeped cuss words.


  1. Jeff Tremaine, Steve-O, Chris Pontius (April 2005). Wildboyz Complete 2nd Season Uncensored. Dickhouse.

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