Wasabi Snooters
Wasabi snooters
Steve-O snorts the wasabi.
Jackass Stunt
Movie Jackass: The Movie
Featuring Steve-O
Location Japan
Video releases Jackass: The Movie (special collectors edition)


Wasabi Snooters is a stunt from Jackass: The Movie, featuring Steve-O.


It features Steve-O taking a piece of wasabi, snorting it and later vomiting into the sushi. After seemingly stopping and wanting a pick-me-up he snorts another wasabi and vomits in the process. He then gives up his stunt.[1]


This stunt was performed on Johnny Knoxville's birthday. He is present wearing a birthday cake hat.


  1. Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze (2006). Jackass: The Movie Special Collectors Edition. Dickhouse.

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