The Hearse
The Hearse
Knoxville and Sean put the coffin back in the hearse.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 7
Featuring Johnny Knoxville, Sean Cliver, Handsome Jack Heart-Throb
Video releases Jackass Volume 1
Are you claustrophobic?



Knoxville introduces the skit next to a tennis field, as he is talking, a tennis ball flies his way, he catches it and throws it back.

Johnny Knoxville and Sean Cliver drive around in a hearse. In the back of the hearse is a coffin with Handsome Jack, who plays a corpse, inside. They stop and Knoxville opens the back door, the coffin slides out and falls on the ground, Knoxville and Sean manage to get the coffin back in the hearse. The camera then films the reaction of two slightly shocked onlookers.

They stop a second time. This time, when Knoxville opens the back, the coffin falls on the floor and breaks. Sean and Knoxville struggle even more to put the coffin back in the hearse, especially because Knoxville acts quite clumsy.

A third segment shows Knoxville and Sean lifting the coffin back in the hearse with the help of an other man.

They stop one last time, near a cafe, where people are dining on the terrace. After Sean and Johnny try to get the coffin back in the hearse for a while, a man comes to help them. Not much later, two other men come to help them too. The 5 men then put the coffin back in the car.


  • An excerpt from this skit was used in the menu for Jackass Volume 1.

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