Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket
Bam escaping from the car.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 2
Episode Episode 6
Featuring Johnny Knoxville, Brandon DiCamillo, Bam Margera
Video releases Jackass Volume 2
Song Pistol Grip - Scoundrels


Johnny Knoxville explains that he and Brandon DiCamillo (both dressed as orderlies) are going to escort Bam (wearing a straight jacket) to another mental institution. After violently pushing him into the back of the van, they drive to a convenience store where to get something to eat and ask for directions of how to get to the mental institution. While doing so, Bam escapes from the van and runs away, with Knoxville and Brandon hot on his tail. They catch him, put him back in the van and drive to another store. As Brandon gets out of the van to ask a man for directions, Bam escapes again and Knoxville and Brandon follow him right away, after that the camera zooms to the man on the parking lot who is seemingly very confused. Bam is eventually recaptured. Now asking a Salvation Army bell ringer for directions, Bam escapes once more with the orderlies in pursuit and after they catch him, they put him back in the van and leave.


  • The mental institution Knoxville and Brandon supposedly work for is called the East Goshen Mental Institution.

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