Snake river BMX
Snake River BMX
Ryan Dunn airborne.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 2
Episode Episode 2
Featuring Ryan Dunn
Related stunts Snake River Redemption
Video releases Jackass Volume 2

Snake River BMX features Ryan Dunn attempting to jump a crappy bike across a river in a tribute to Evil Knievel.


Wooden ramps are set up on both sides of the river, which is a shallow creek lying 3 feet below the ground. While setting up the ramps they find a condom lying in the grass. It is a freezing cold morning and the river smells of shit. According to Johnny Knoxville, it is actually a sewage runoff drain.

On his first attempt, Dunn successfully flies across and actually manages to pass two thirds of the distance before crashing into the river. On his second attempt, Johnny trips him up on the ramp, causing Ryan to slip and fall into the river, barely clearing a foot's distance.

At this point, a small crowd gathers around the park where the river is contained, shouting and egging Ryan on. However, Ryan is tired, cold and soaking wet and completely fucks up the last attempt, where he just limply falls off the edge of the ramp and plummets head-first into the river, to the amusement of everyone around. Brandon notes how the crowd are just full-out laughing at Ryan at this stage and aren't encouraging him to try again.

After the last attempt, a police car arrives at the park to stop the skit and arrest the Jackasses, and the stunt was never actually completed successfully.

The skit was revisited in Jackass 3D as Snake River Redemption.


Cameraman: "What's the bottom of the river look like?"
Ryan: "Err, spiked rocks."

Bam: "You have to be an idiot to try this because there is no way he is *ever* going to make it to the other side!"
Brandon: "Especially with the red bike with no traction! The tires are solid plastic, they're not even inflatable!"

Brandon: "I wonder where this water's coming from?"
Johnny: "It's a sewage runoff!"

(After Ryan gets out of the river)
Bam: "You smell like the inside of an ass!"

(Talking to a shivering, damp Ryan)
Bam: "Are you cold?"
Ryan: "You're an idiot."


  • In the quiz (bonus feature in Jackass Volume 2), questions 9, 10 and 13 were about this skit.
  • An excerpt from this skit was used in the outros for Jackass Volumes 2 and 3.
  • Although the stunt is officially named "Snake River BMX", Ryan introduces it as "Snake River Launch".
  • The temperature was 33°F (not even 1°C).
  • Excerpts and outtakes from this skit was used in "A Tribute to Ryan Dunn" and it's trailer.
  • Filmed by Bam Margera, amongst others.
  • This stunt took place in West Chester, Pa, just across from Rams Gate apartments.