Raab vs. Electric Fence
CKY Stunt
Movie CKY 4
Featuring Raab Himself, Bam Margera
Location West Chester, PA
Video releases CKY 4: The Latest & Greatest
Piss, dipshit!



After Bam introduces the skit, Raab (who is only wearing his shoes and a pink cape) wonders if "the electric is just gonna suck right up into his dick". To test how much it hurts, Bam and Raab touch the fence with their hand. When they touch the fence, a buzz can be heard from the electricity as they get shocked. Raab starts to piss, another buzz can be heard and he pulls away almost immediately and kneels down. He continues to piss on the floor. Afterwards, Bam asks him if he would ever do it again. His response is a clear "Fuck no!".

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