Punt Return
Punt Return
Knoxville gets tackled.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 2
Episode Episode 3
Featuring Johnny Knoxville
Video releases Jackass Volume 2
The players don't like the black socks? That's good... That'll make them hit me harder



Knoxville gets ready to return a punt. He stretches and trains a bit and talks to the coach. Knoxville and the football players are at opposite ends of the field and one of the players kicks the ball towards Knoxville, but it ends up in the corner of the field. Knoxville runs over there, but he gets taken down before he reaches the ball. The second time, they decide to throw the ball since kicking it didn't work out so well. Throwing the ball proves to be more accurate as Knoxville almost catches the ball before being tackled. The third time, Knoxville gets knocked down before the ball even hits the ground. Finally, they decide to let knoxville catch the ball. And he does, but he accidentally drops the ball and as he kneels down to pick it up, he is tackled again.

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