Opening Sequence
Jackass 3D Opening
The guys entering the studio.
Jackass Stunt
Movie Jackass 3D
Featuring Dave England, Ehren Mcghehey, Wee Man, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Steve-O, Party Boy, Preston Lacy, Johnny Knoxville
Related stunts Opening sequence (Jackass Number Two)
Video releases Jackass 3 (extended edition)
Song Twisted Sister - The Kids Are Back

The guys (all dressed up in various costumes) enter a studio with gigantic rainbow background, the only difference between this rainbow and the other rainbows is that this one has 9 colours: 1 for every cast member. They then each do a different stunt.


As the guys step into the studio, Knoxville hits Wee Man in the nuts and Dunn shoves Bam. Some high fives are also exchanged. Then follow the stunts in slow-motion...

The SailorEdit

Knoxville (dressed up in a sailor suit) opens up the show with the traditional "Hy, I'm Johnny Knoxville. Welcome to Jackass." before getting hit in the face by a balloon thing wich has "3D" painted on it.

Party BoyEdit

Party Boy, wearing his thong as always, is dancing and gets hit in the ass by an enormous gummy hand.

Dave EnglandEdit

Dave (wearing a nerdy polo shirt and shorts) jumps in the air and gets hit in the face and legs by big boxing gloves on sticks.

The PirateEdit

Preston gets shot in the tummy with a big plastic cannonball. In the background are Loomis, Knoxville and Pontius doing pirate things.

The FishermanEdit

Wee Man gets hit in the face and belly with big fishes by Knoxville and Bam, then Ryan empties a bucket of smaller fish above his head.

The AngelEdit

Steve-O is in a room where a "party" is going on; there's presents, cake on the table and a fan hanging from the ceiling. Steve-O gets launched into the fan and slams on the table, the slam causes the table to break.

The PiñataEdit

Bam is dressed up as a cupcake piñata and gets whacked by a giant gummy bat. Confetti flies around as the piñata gets crushed.

Marching BandEdit

Ryan is dressed up as if he's in a marching band. He gets a balloon full of red paint thrown at the back of his head and gets kicked in the face by Dave.

The CheetahEdit

Ehren, wearing only cheetah print underwear and a cheetah print hat, gets shot with paintball guns by Bam and Spike.


  • The stunts in the opening sequence are mostly based on other stunts.