Mr. Mean
Mr. Mean
Knoxville runs away from Mr. Mean.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 6
Featuring Johnny Knoxville, Gary Leffew, Mr. Mean
Location Gary Leffew Bullriding School, Nipomo, California
Video releases Jackass Volume 1
Now, that is a lot of bullshit.



Before the actual skit starts, Mr. Mean is shown and the camera zooms in on his testicles (most likely to show how big they are).

The skit starts of with Knoxville interviewing several people at the Gary Leffew Bullriding School and asking them about Mr. Mean. During one of those interviews, he takes a dried-up piece of shit from Mr. Mean and takes a bite out of it. He also asks people what his chances are, as always, people say his chances are "slim to none".

Before riding Mr. Mean, Johnny puts on a bullet-proof vest and a helmet. The guys lower him on the bull and open the gate. Knoxville only manages to stay on the bull for about 3 seconds before falling on his back. He stands up almost immediately as the bull turns around and starts chasing him, the other guys distract Mr. Mean before he can get to Johnny.

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