Lawn Trap
Lawn Trap 2
Bam & Co digging the hole
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 2
Episode Episode 3
Featuring Bam Margera, Phil Margera, Ryan Dunn, Raab Himself, Chris Hanna
Location Ape and Phil's old house in West Chester, PA(currently Don Vito's house)
Video releases Jackass Volume 2,CKY 4

Lawn Trap is a skit set at Bam Margera's home in West Chester, where Phil Margera unwittingly drives his lawnmower into a concealed hole in his back garden.



Bam, Chris Hanna and Raab Himself start digging the hole one hour before Phil comes home from work. They are interrupted by April, who is left speechless and shocked at the damage being done to her lawn, but Bam convinces her to allow it by promising he'll restore it afterwards. After digging the hole about 4' deep, they try concealing it using branches, but settle on a thin carpet covered in leaves.


The three then climb on top of the house roof where they film Phil driving around the garden on the lawnmower in a seemingly aimless pattern. Still completely unaware, he eventually drives straight into the hole, bogging the lawnmower at a 45 degree angle. He sits there looking stunned until he realizes his son is pissing himself laughing at him on the roof. He sticks his middle finger up at Bam.

Don Vito's yard

Place of the prank (currently Don Vito's house)

The Tortoise and the Hare Later after the skit, Ryan Dunn arrives at the house, where he is immediately told that Phil wants to race him across the garden. Ryan's suspicions aren't at all aroused and he takes Phil up on the offer, albeit barely taking him seriously.

The race begins and Ryan sprints forward, easily outpacing Phil, but runs straight into the hole and faceplants the ground, losing the race.


Bam: "I promise to put the dirt back in the hole, and not by Chris or Raab Himself."


  • A screenshot of Bam during this skit was used in the cast bios (bonus feature in Jackass Volume 2).
  • Filmed by Bam Margera.