This page was made as a reference for users who are new to Wiki coding. It provides a list of the most common pieces of formatting, to help users.

Code Result Notes
Text Text Plain and simple text.
''Text'' Text Text in italics.
'''Text''' Text Text in bold.


Header for a section.


Sub-header for a section
~~~~ Thomaslove92 14:41, March 7, 2012 (UTC) Date signing messages.
Code Result Notes
[[Johnny Knoxville]] Johnny Knoxville Links to pages on this wiki.
[[Johnny Knoxville|Text]] Text Disguise links in other text.
[] [1] Links to external sites.
[ Text] Text Disguise links to external sites.
Code Result Notes
[[File:example.jpg]] Example Add images in original size.
Adds a border.
[[File:example.jpg|80px]] Example Number of pixels changes size.


Adds a caption.
example.jpg Use this in infoboxes.

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