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Jackass 2.5
Jackass 2.5 uncut low res
The sleeve for Jackass 2.5 Uncut.
Key information

Main Content

Jackass 2.5


10 December 2008 (USA)



No. of discs




Running time

64 Minutes

Age rating 18rating
Bonus Content


Cast with Jeff Tremaine

Other features

Making of, extended and deleted scenes, making of Jackass the game, photo gallery.



[Listing Listing]

[Listing Listing]

IMDB 3rate 3.5rate
Amazon 3.5rate

they're back in a movie with all the stuff they couldn't pack into number two! you'll laugh till it hurts and gape like a slack-jawed yokel as johnny knoxville and the guys take you behind the scenes with jackass 2.5, talking about this excess of never-before-seen stunts, pranks, and other random acts of mischief and stupidity in hilarious new interviews. better yet, this dvd is crammed full of over 90 minutes of bonus footage and special features. jackass 2.5 is every bit as unbelievable, dirty, and downright sexy as its predecessors...but so much could it never be shown in theatres.

–The back of the sleeve

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