High Dive 2
High Dive 2
Bam hanging from the diving board
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 2
Episode Episode 8
Featuring Raab Himself, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Wee Man, Ehren Mcghehey, Bunny The Lifeguard, Dave England
Related stunts High Dive, Bike Dive Intro
Video releases Jackass Volume 2


The video starts with a view from the ten metres high diving board. Then Bunny The Lifeguard gives a speech. After that follow a series of stunts: Firstly, Bam Margera rides his skateboard off the diving board. Then Bam jumps off the diving board holding a parasol, but fails to hold onto it. After this, Dave England can be seen jumping off the diving board with only one leg. Ehren and Wee Man jump in the pool while wearing red and pink G-strings, because of the fall, part of Wee Man's behind is visible. Steve-O, jumps off the board on a pogo stick. Ehren rides a scooter off the diving board. Raab Himself runs off the diving board and keeps running in midair, causing him to end up in the middle of the pool. Bunny The Lifeguard removes his G-string and jumps into the pool wearing only bunny ears. Bam holds onto the diving board while hanging underneath it, swings a little and then drops. And finally, Steve-O jumps off the diving board on stilts, wearing his Uncle Sam costume. Then Bunny The Lifeguard gives another speech.


Bunny The Lifeguard: "These are the lifeguards at the facility here, but I am the personal lifeguard of these daredevils. And if they step on my feet while I'm rescuing, they're the ones that are going to need rescuing."

(Upon Bunny The Lifeguard diving into the pool naked.)

Ryan Dunn: "Too much information, but quite fun."

Unknown: "That's the man, dude, on his back from the ten metres, dude."

Bunny The Lifeguard: "It was a good day, and luckily, these lifeguards stayed out of my way, while i was making my saves, and nobody had to get hurt."


  • The Bike Dive Intro was filmed at the same swimming pool as High Dive 2.
  • High Dive 2 was filmed before High Dive 1.
  • Filmed by Dimitry Elyashkevich, Bam Margera and others.

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