Golf Cart Antics
Golf Cart Antics
Bam and DiCo hit Dunn and Knoxville.
Jackass Stunt
Movie Jackass: The Movie
Featuring Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo, Johnny Knoxville, Ryan Dunn
Location West Chester, Pennsylvania
Video releases Jackass: The Movie (special collectors edition)


The guys have acquired a set of golf carts and aim to wreak havoc on a miniature golf course. Bam shares a cart with DiCo and Dunn shares one with Knoxville. They don't bother using the main entrance and just use their carts to run over a part of the fence, hitting a rhino ornament in the process. Bam swings his golf club at an ornament of a standing rabbit and knocks it down. DiCo runs over a polar bear ornament before Knoxville and Dunn crash into him and Bam. They get out of the mess and proceed to run over a standing pig ornament. After duct-taping the polar bear ornament to their car, they use a ramp to jump over a bunker (small sanded area in a golf course). But Knoxville and Dunn catch up with them and drive straight into the polar bear ornament, succesfully seperating it from the cart. But Bam and DiCo take revenge by running into Dunn's cart which just falls over. They try to go over some more bunkers with the help of ramps. The last jump goes horribly wrong: Dunn and Knoxville try to jump over the pig ornament with their golf cart, but they hit it at a bad angle and their cart turns and slams down on the ground. Dunn is thrown out of the cart and Knoxville miraculously gets away from the crash with almost no injuries.


  • Rake Yohn can be seen "riding" a dinosaur ornament for a few seconds.
  • Dimitry Elyashkevich chipped his tooth whilst filming in the back of a golf cart.
  • Excerpts of this skit were used in the trailer for Jackass: The Movie.

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