Electric Avenue
Electric Avenue
Bam jumps as he gets hit by a stun gun.
Jackass Stunt
Movie Jackass 3D
Featuring Steve-O, Bam Margera, Dave England, Ehren Mcghehey, Chris Pontius, Loomis Fall
Video releases Jackass 3 (extended edition)
Song Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
I changed my mind. Stun guns are the number one most thing that i hate now...

–Bam Margera

Knoxville and Wee Man are dressed up in police outfits. The other guys are dressed up in prison outfits. They have to go through a hallway with stun guns and cattle prods dangling from the ceiling, there are also tires on the floor and wooden planks in the hallway.


The guys are all very nervous about the skit and no one really wants to go. Knoxville finally starts yelling "Come on!", after a few seconds, Bam and Ehren start running through the hallway. Ehren crawls under the wooden planks while Bam just jumps over them, whilst jumping over the final one, Bam gets tased while airborne, the spasm that follows causes him to land in an unpleasant way. He then starts banging on the wall out of anger and pain.

Not much later, Loomis and Dave cross the halway, way faster than Bam and Ehren, however, Dave's pants slide down a little when he crosses the hallway.

Finally, Steve-O and Pontius cross the hallway. Steve-O gets tased a few times, but still manages to make it across. Pontius is the only one who makes it with a big smile on his face, even after getting tased.


  • A total of 15 stun guns and 4 cattle prods were put in the hallway.
  • Screenshots from this skit were used on the back of the Jackass 3D DVD box.

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