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Dr. Steve-O
Dr steve o logo
The Dr. Steve-O logo.
Key information
Created by Steve-O
Starring Steve-O,

Trishelle Cannatella, Jessica Landon, Norma Jean Riddick, Reggie Pace

Seasons 1
Episodes 7
Running time 18-22 minutes
Channel USA
First aired October 1, 2007

Dr. Steve-O is an American reality television series starring Steve-O, Trishelle Cannatella and Reggie Pace. The show first premiered on October 1, 2007, it aired Monday nights at 11:05 pm Eastern / 10:05 pm Central, immediately after WWE Raw, on the USA Network. The show ended on November 12, 2007.


Dr. Steve-O was a reality TV show where Steve-O acts as a doctor, to help males overcome their fears, thus the headline created by Steve-O, "Turning wussies into men." In every episode, Dr. Steve-O helps three different men, and makes them complete three challenges to overcome their fear.


The show begins with Dr. Steve-O, riding in a customized ambulance along with his driver (Reggie) and nurse (Trishelle), showing the viewers videos sent in by men who want to overcome their fear. They then go to the subject's home and complete the first challenge, then they pick them up and go to another location for another challenge. Dr. Steve-O follows a checklist for the overcoming of a wussy's fear(s). The checklist is as follows:

  • 1. Initiation Treatment
  • 2. Personal Procedure
  • 3. Group Therapy

If someone decides that a challenge is too embarrassing for them, they can simply walk away and risk being called a wuss. People who complete the process are awarded clean bills of health by Steve-O, who usually staples them onto the recipients.

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