Cell Phone
Cell Phone
Dave lies on the floor.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 5
Featuring Dave England
Video releases Jackass Volume 1
You should get a glass stomach... That way you won't have to worry about pulling your head out of your ass!

–Dave England


Dave England is dressed up as a businessman and pretends to be on the phone with his secretary. During the phone call, he becomes very angry with his "secretary" and presses the phone very hard against his ear. Because he is crushing his ear with the phone, "blood" starts spraying out of it. He yells at his "secretary" that she's fired, throws his phone and his bottle of water on the floor. The video then cuts to scenes of Dave lying on the floor with a puddle of "blood" next to his ear, this is followed by an interview with a bystander.

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