Not every stunt is given a name. This page categorizes all unnamed stunts and explains the correct way to record these stunts.

Choosing a Name

Unnamed stunts must have a name invented.

When naming stunts, do not use jokes, puns or made up words. Choose the most sensible and logical name, so others can find the stunt easily.

Check with another user or admin. Tell them the name you have come up with. If you both agree, then go ahead and name the stunt.

Tagging the Article

So that other users know that the name is not official, please be sure to tag the stunt's article with this tag;

{{unnamed stunt}}

This tag appears like this at the top of the page.

Jackass logo small invert This stunt was not officially named, as far as we know. Please see Unnamed Stunts for more information.

This shows other users that there is no official name for the stunt. This tag will also add the article to this category.

Tracking down an Official Name

If a user discovers an official name for a stunt, after it has already been tagged, discuss it with an admin.

If the newly discovered name is verified, then the page can be renamed and the tag removed.

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