This page is a list of tags to add to the licensing section, when uploading new images.

The {{Image information}} template should be used when uploading any new images. Copy/paste this form into the description when uploading and fill out the relevant parameters.

Most images only require the description, source and Licensing parameters.

{{Image information
|attention      = 
|description    = 
|source         = 
|author         = 
|filespecs      = 
|licensing      = 
|other versions = 
|categories     = 
Parameter What to fill it with.
attention Generally not used on a new upload, admins use this for maintenance.
description Red skull An accurate description of the file's contents, preferably with link(s) to its subject(s).
source Red skull List the specific source (e.g. a website, episode or product).
author Only if applicable, author/artist information.
filespecs If applicable, describe any changes you made to the original file (e.g. enhanced or labelled).
licensing Red skull Select the most appropriate image tag from this page.
other versions Indicate alternate but non-duplicate versions or formats of the file are available.
categories List any categories the image fits into like [[Category:CATEGORY NAME]].
Red skull These fields are mandatory.

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