Bungee Boogie
Danger Ehren lands in the pool
Jackass Stunt
Movie Jackass 3D
Featuring Dave England, Bam Margera, Ehren McGhehey, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy
Related stunts Slingshot Skateboard
Video releases Jackass 3 (extended edition)
Song Melanie - Brand New Key


The guys have set up a pool with a ramp and a huge slingshot in front of it. After a couple of failed attempts, they manage to launch Dave into the pool on his surfboard, smacking down on the board with his face in true Jackass style. Bam follows with a skateboard and lands at the end of the pool, one-upping Dave by slamming into the floor with his face. Ehren ups the ante by riding a surfboard on top of a skateboard in the pool. Of course, Jackass wouldn't be Jackass if the guys didn't try something completely ridiculous next. Having mobilised a wheelbarrow by putting roller skates under it, they launch Dunn into the pool. However, the wheelbarrow digs into the pool and creates a gash in the side, which Preston then enlargens by crawling through it from the inside of the pool, causing a huge mass of water to flow out.

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