Broken Arm
Broken Arm
A pedestrian pulls up Knoxville's pants
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 2
Episode Episode 2
Featuring Johnny Knoxville
Related stunts Broken Arm Guy
Video releases Jackass Volume 2


Knoxville pretends to have 2 broken arms and walks on the sidewalk, but his pants drop, he asks a man passing by to pull up his pants, the man pulls up Johnny's pants, but a few seconds later, they drop again, he asks the man to come back and pull them up again. The man geos away, Johnny walks a few steps but his pants drop again. He asks another man, but this one just walks away and Knoxville has to ask someone else, this time the man he asks for help pulls up his pants and buttons them, they shake hands and Johnny screams out in pain. A third scene is shown where Johnny asks another man to pull up his pants, the man is a little bit freaked out and pulls Johnny's pants up very fast, causing Johnny to fall on the floor, the man helps him up and starts walking away, but Johnny's pants drop again and he has to return to pull them up.

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