Knoxville hits Tremaine.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 2
Episode Episode 4
Featuring Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine, Loomis Fall
Related stunts Department Store Boxing
Video releases Jackass Volume 2


Johnny Knoxville (The South Knoxville Strong Boy) and Jeff Tremaine (Hollywood Douchebag) are going to fight each other in a sporting goods store. After the introduction, Knoxville hit Jeff in the balls. Tremaine and Knoxville are dressed as professional boxers, with shorts and robes. Loomis on the other hand is dressed as a referee. They enter the sporting goods store, find boxing gloves and ditch their robes. Then, they move to the center of the store and start fighting. Knoxville hits pretty hard and causes Tremaine to nearly fall in the clothing racks. Finally, they are stopped by an employee who takes their gloves and sends them out of the store. Afterwards, Sean Cliver (who was one of the cameramen for the skit) asks some employees and customers who won the fight. Knoxville won the fight.


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