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Big Brother - Issue #2
Big brother 02
The issue's cover.
Key information


Earl Parker,
Jeff Tremaine,
Marc McKee





Issue 1
Issue 3

Content SummaryEdit

Table of Contents

This page contains a list of staff, random quotes from the staff and an introduction article written by Earl Parker.

Mail Room

A bunch of "fan mail" with reactions from Earl Parker and a short notice from Earl Parker about guidelines for fan mail.

News Room

News about skaters, sponsors, skating in general, etc...

Did You Know? by Aaron King

An Article about Vision and the history of the "ultimate rail".

Step By Step: How To Steal Bus Stop Posters

A tutorial on how to steal posters from bus stops.

The Skater Chat-Line

All about the "Skater Chat-Line" and it's users.

Woodward Skatecamp Review by Neil Esquibel

Small article about Woodward Skatecamp and some skaters who were there.


Something about art.

The Sean Sheffey Interview by Mike Ternasky

Mike Ternasky interviews Sean Sheffey.

Soap Box by Henry Hester

A letter sent to people who manufacture and/or sell skateboards.

The Sal Rocco Interview by Mark Lewman

Steve Rocco's brother gets interviewed.

Video Submission Department

Screen grabs from the videos that have been sent in.

The Story Of Willy

A comic strip about Willy and the apocalypse.

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • The cover is a picture of Daniel Castillo taken by Spike Jonze.


  • First appearance of Chris Pontius in Big Brother Magazine.
  • This magazine has 4 images of breasts in it.

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