Big Brother - Issue #1
Big brother 01
The issue's cover.
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Earl Parker





Issue 2

This was the first issue of Big Brother released. It came about after Steve Rocco had an argument over advertising at his last magazine, so started his own magazine.


The first issue was created in a new style. It appeared very rough and simple. Images were scanned in with stains on them and writing scribbled as captions. There were spaces with no content labelled, This Space Left intentionally Blank. There was no limit to cussing and articles were written as if speech.

Like all skateboarding magazines, it was littered with frame by frame videos of skaters performing tricks.

Content SummaryEdit

The Editor Speaks

A short history of the magazine.


A bunch of letters that have been sent to the magazine.

How to get Graphics by Natas and McKee

An article about designing and creating graphics.

NSA San Diego Contest Coverage

A very brief summary of what happened at the contest.

Board Reviews

Numerous skaters review different skateboards.

Soap Box by Steve Rocco

An editorial by Rocco.


A humorous request for people to send in their own skate videos.

The South by Neil Brown

An opinionated article about the southern states of America.

An Article About Skating & The Police by Alex [Goldberg]

An article describing an experience the writer had with New York police.

A Cartain Amount Of Hesitancy Has Been Reached

A story about how they weren't allowed to do a tour of the Powell Peralta Skate Park.

San Francisco

A review of a skate contest in San Francisco.

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • Spike Jonze took the cover picture. The skater appearing on the picture is Shiloh Greathouse.


  • The word "fuck" appears 25 times in the first article, and "shit" 9 times. It has a total of about 165 words.


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