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April Margera
Birth name April Cole
Born March 28, 1956
Spouse Phil Margera
Aliases Ape
Jackass Career
Roles Supporting cast
Viva la Bam Career
Roles Cast
CKY Career
Roles Supporting Cast

April Margera (born April Cole; March 28, 1956) is an American reality television personality, best known for her appearances on MTV's Viva La Bam, Jackass, the CKY videos, Minghags: The Movie and Bam's Unholy Union.

Referred to as "Ape" by fans of the aforementioned series, April is the mother of Bam, CKY drummer Jess, and is married to Phil Margera.[1]

Jeff Tremaine, producer of Jackass, once referred to her as "everyones mom", telling how she cooked dinner for the entire Jackass-crew on their first trip to West Chester.[2]

In 2006, April published a cookbook called "April Cooks: There's An Alligator In My Kitchen" which is a play on the fact that Bam put an alligator in her kitchen as part of a skit on Jackass: The Movie (he was trying to make her swear because the movie would be uncensored).[3] This was achieved in the film, and in Jackass Number Two.[4] In October 2007 she testified on behalf of the defense for her brother-in-law Vincent Margera's trial.

In December 2011, it was announced that April had opened a new store, "The Rose Hip Barn", along with her mother Velma and daughter-in-law Kelly. The store, located in Thornton, PA, sells refurbished furniture as well as homemade purses and accessories for the home.[5]


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