Alligator Tightrope
Alligator Tightrope
Steve-O walking on the tightrope.
Jackass Stunt
Movie Jackass: The Movie
Featuring Steve-O
Location Hollywood, Florida
Video releases Jackass: The Movie (special collectors edition)
Hi, I'm Bunny The Lifeguard and if any of these alligators try to ruin our swimming, I'm gonna wrestle 'em down and probably have my way with them.

Bunny The Lifeguard


Steve-O has to walk on a tightrope across a pool of alligators. He holds on to a branch as he takes his first steps on the rope. As soon as he releases the branch, he falls, but manages to grab onto the rope. He hooks his legs around the rope and Pontius puts a chicken in Steve-O's jockstrap. A couple of alligators jump up and try to grab the chicken but they can't reach Steve-O. After a while, Steve-O falls down into the water. He then holds onto the rope with his hands, but keeps his feet in the water and lets an alligator get the chicken before running away.

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