Agressive Sledding
Agressive Sledding
Knoxville goes down the stairs.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 8
Featuring Johnny Knoxville
Video releases Jackass Volume 1
Song The Dickies - Silent Night


Knoxville, all dressed up as Santa, is sitting in some sort of sled and gets pushed down a flight of stairs by Wee Man. He goes down the whole staircase and lands somewhere in the middle of the street. Then Wee Man pushes Knoxville down into a skateboard bowl. Knoxville turns 180° as he slides down and comes to a halt facing Wee Man.

Now, Tremaine pushes Knoxville down gravel slope. Knoxville doesn't even make it halfway down before his sled keels over and he falls out of it. The same happens a second time, except that this time the sled does a full flip and ends up on the other side of Knoxville.

Finally, Tremaine pushes Knoxville down a sand slope next to a beach. Knoxville succeeds in not falling out of the sled and makes it to the bottom of the slope.

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